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We are GonnaDive

There was time when we were struggling, browsing from one website to another, so we could find a good, reliable dive operator in the area where we wanted to go diving which could help us with our ocean adventure at that time. It was a very painful experience.

We ourselves are keen divers, ocean enthusiasts, and diving is our passion, the ocean is a huge fun playground, with many places to explore and investigate. It is easy to fall in love with the big wide blue. We are sure you know how we feel!

Through referrals and our own experiences, during our ocean exploration diving in numerous dive sites around the globe, during our forays into these areas, we have collected a list of reliable dive operators which we’d like to share with fellow divers. Simply sharing this list wasn’t good enough, we decided to build an online hub, so divers could make more of an informed choice and decision, on their next dive adventure and as a result, the concept of GonnaDive blossomed.

Why Book with Us?

We have created one of the best online dive booking systems. So whether you feel like plunging in the Pacific Ocean, Balinese waters or in the Aegean Sea, everything is just a click away.

Through our own experiences, we know that every dive is a personal adventure; as a result we have carefully crafted our website to deliver a unique booking platform that will cater to your own personal needs, whether you’re a seasoned diver or you want to snorkel with the family.

We have taken the time and effort to ensure that we only offer what we ourselves have tried and tested, to our own satisfaction.

Not a diver? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered, check out our price comparison for introductory diving and snorkeling.

Already think of a diving spot in mind or a date to go?

- No stress, we have a flexi-booking method so you can pre-book and finalise the exact date with the dive operator on site.
- Our secure payment system accepts all major credit cards for your peace of mind.
- We are also mobile friendly, so whenever you feel like diving, just open GonnaDive.com on your mobile browser, and we’re ready to help!

How It Works


Select a destination via the top menu, the search box or the location photo slider.


You will be able to select the activity on the dive location page. Or jump now to a specific package by clicking on one of our top offers.


Once you've clicked on a package, you can set the start date and other details. We often allow FlexiDate for hassle-free travel planning.

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